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the tummy and the beanie and the fringe and the tattoos and the smile and like i didnt sign up for this stress louis tomlinson

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Harry Imagine for Maya

It’s one of those sweltering days outside of the almost vacation like Florida in the middle of the summer. You don’t live in Florida though, thank god! You just happen to be on a nice little break with the best boyfriend in the world.

“Watch out!” You hear a voice shout as a Frisbee comes flying straight at you.

“Louis!” Niall shouts as it hits you upside the head. “Harry is gonna get mad if that leaves a mark…” he said coming up to examine you. “You ok Maya?”

“Yeah… I’m fine, fine enough to give Louis a hit upside the head!” You shout quickly hoping up and chasing him through powdery sand.

“Not the face! Not the face! It’s my money maker!” Louis shouted attempting to run. You both spot Harry and he turns into a sprint and dives behind him. “Harry! Save me! She’s trying to hurt me.”

Harry laughs as he hands you a cone. “I’m sure you deserved it.” He chuckled.

“I only lightly hit on the head with a Frisbee…” He mumbled kicking at the sand. For some odd he had been acting suspicious lately. Same as Harry… just a bit off.

“Geez! It so hot outside today!”  You shout as you  fall back onto the beach towel.

“Sorry I’m too hot for you!” Harry winked as he sat down.

“Oh shush.” You play hit him in the shoulder.

You watch as the rest of the boys and Perrie and Eleanor mess around about in the water and sand. Playing football.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Harry asks you. The sun is setting it it’s cooled down considerably.

“Sure.” You nod as you push yourself up. He takes your hand as you both make your way down the strip. The sound of fun and shouting fading into the background.

As you continued to walk you noticed sparse rose petals on the ground.

“Oh look. Somebody must have dropped a bouquet.” You said a little sadly as you both continued your trek. Then you noticed little candles appearing. “What’s going on?” You asked.

Harry just smiled and continued to walk. In the near distance you saw a little hut that was so beautiful. Candles, flowers, and lights covered the whole thing and right in the middle was a little picnic.

“Oh, Harry. It’s beautiful.” You say breathlessly.

“I know. Louis and the girls helped me out.” He said with a smirk as he turned to you and lifts your chin so your eyes were level with his. “Happy Anniversary.” He said lightly applying his lips to yours. His kisses were so tender that you’d rather have them for dinner and forget everything else. You break apart and stare up at him breathless and blushing. His own face mirroring yours.

“Happy Anniversary.” You say coming in for more. 

Written by Tev, hope you liked it:)

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Preference: He Makes You Feel Insecure (requested)

Zayn: “We have to go now we’re going to be late hurry!” Zayn yelled at you from the door. You were rapidly hurrying to get makeup on and your hair done but with Zayn breathing down your back like this, it was nearly impossible. “(Y/n) what’s taking so long?” Zayn said approaching the bathroom where you were. “I’m sorry but you woke me up 20 minutes late so I am still getting ready,” you snapped at him. “Excuse me but I don’t want to be late. Normal girls only take 30 minutes not a freakin hour! Maybe I will just go without you if you take this long.” Zayn snarled heading back towards the door. ” You know what maybe I am not normal,” you half cried back. He hit your insecure point, you knew you took a little longer on things then normal girls but Zayn pointing it out was too much. He was supposed to support you not bring you down. As you started to slide down the wall thinking about what’s going to happen now Zayn walked in picked you up and held you close. “Shh I am sorry I know timing bothers you it was rude of me to stress the point.I love you,” Zayn said in a calm voice. You relaxed in his arms ”It’s okay but that really hurts me Zayn, its not funny, but I still love you too” you looked in each others eyes as he helped you finish up.

Harry: Today he was snappy, he was upset that he did not win the award they were nominated for in some other award show. You guess he was so used to winning he couldn’t handle losing. Today you figured it would be a lazy day because he was in a sour mood, putting your hair in a bun and no make up you were set! Normally you wear makeup because you are insecure about your looks but on lazy days you did not care. You tried staying away from Harry so he did not snap at you for no reason. “Can you come here (y/n)? I just need some comfort right now.” Harry begged. “Um sure,” you questioned. You hope this did not end bad. You cuddled close to him until he pushed you away “Umm sweetie I am really upset today and I don’t need an ugly face looking back at me like the announcers at the awards can you go fix up?” He asked you. You stood up jaw dropped in shock what did he just say? “Excuse me I am not changing my appearance just for your grumpy attitude Harry. That’s not okay,” you cried leaving the room. He knew just how to make you feel insecure. You heard him running after you. “(Y/n) I did not mean it come on come back,” Harry said. “No you meant it Harry. I can’t believe you,” you sobbed back. Silence struck the house you just slumped down face in palms. You heard the front door slam so you got up finding a note that said ‘Sorry, you need someone who appreciates you. Love, Harry.’

Louis: “(y/n) get your big bum in here now” Louis joked. What did he just say big? “Louis what did you just call me big?” You questioned.”Yeah you have a big bum and you know it,” Louis winked. “Excuse me Lou but that’s a little rude and offensive to me since you know I am concerned about my weight,” you explained. “I am sorry I did not mean to make you feel insecure at all babe forgive me?” he begged. “Okay fine but  watch yourself, Tomlinson,” you winked cuddling close to him.

Liam: “Okay, here is the restaurant,” Liam said directing you to the front of the restaurant. “Looks good!” You exclaimed, Liam pulling you close. You two sat down at the bar. “Uh I will have a beer and she will have a shirley temple” Liam laughed out. “Oh so a little kid and a man, okay,” the bartender joked making Liam laugh even more. You did not drink because your dad was a big drinker and you did not want to be like him and Liam knew this. They kept joking around when you had finally had enough. ”Liam go find a girl who can drink if thats what you want,” you scoffed leaving the bar, taking off your heels and running to the park to sit and think. How could he do this to you? This was your biggest insecurity yet and him joking about it was not okay. “Hey stranger,” you heard a familiar British accent comment. “Go away Liam i am done with you,” you said throwing your face in your hands. “Babe I am sorry I realize that was rude, but its a little much to overreact,” Liam said. “Whatever I need a break Liam that was too much for me, especially in public! Gosh,I will see you around,” you got up and started walking away. “Babe, don’t go. Come for dinner!” Liam shouted.” See you next week. I need a break” you replied walking off.

Niall: You were always insecure about your feet and toes. You felt your toes and feet were just ugly! I mean a lot of people do. “Niall I am going for a pedicure,” you said to him walking out of Walmart where you two were shopping and you were late. “What? Again that’s the third one this week! I am going broke!” He shouted at you causing heads to turn and eyes on you.” You know how I feel Niall,” you said.  “Yeah, fine go fix your ratchet toes,” he said walking off and sending all eyes on your toes. You tried to hide your toes from the laughter but you can’t while wearing flip flops. Wow he really did just say that to you? No not going to fly! You walked out of Walmart and too your appointment. When you got there and the lady started you saw a blonde headed boy with 11 roses in his hand. “Niall what are you doing?” you asked. He handed you the roses. “Princess I am so sorry for making you feel insecure that was so rude of me and I regret it so please forgive me and except this bundle of 11 roses,” Niall pleaded. “Yes Niall! But please don’t do that again! And 11 roses not 12?” You asked. Niall blushed “Well yeah because you are my 12th rose.” he said. You blushed ” Wow Ni! Thanks so much!” you said giving him a kiss.

Hope you liked it, written by Jewel:)

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Harry Imagine for Lara

  “Who are you talking to?” The mom asked as she walked up to her daughter pulling her closer to her.

“The red man…” The little girl replied with a straight as the camera passed over a mirror with a face in it.  

You quickly tossed the blanket over your head as it continued practically jumping.

“Can we turn it off now?” You ask Harry who is holding on to you tight. “At this point I won’t be able to fall asleep.”

“Lara, that’s what Halloween night is for, all the spooky stuff.” He said with a laugh as the jumper moment passed.

“I know. But I really don’t like Paranormal stuff, it freaks me out.” You say cuddling closer into his warm embrace.

“Just watch the rest with me ok? And then we can watch whatever you want to watch.” He said with a smile. You returned a weak one as you both turned back to watch it.

As the scary music cued on screen you heard the floor creak behind you.

“Did you hear that?” You asked turning your head around.

“It’s only the movie love.” Harry said rubbing your shoulder.

From the corner of your eye you see several shadows.

“Harry….” You say scared clutching onto him. The hairs on your neck stand up. All of a sudden slimy hands that did not belong to Harry run across your neck. “AWWWWWWWW!” You scream quickly jumping up into yet another monster who was quite furry. You push back quickly as the lights come on. The furry monster and slimy ghoul where on the floor laughing their bums off and so were the shadows, as well as Harry who was balling on the couch.

You look at the curly haired troll with such ferocity he quickly becomes scared of you.

“Harry!” You saying hopping out your current position on the floor. “I almost peed myself!”

“Been there!” Liam shouted from behind wearing what seemed to be a poorly put together Batman costume, or well Dark Knight costume… THE MORE RECENT BATMAN!  

You walk up to Harry with the full intention of hitting him as payback but he gets up still laughing and hugs you. All your anger towards him subsides.

“I’m sorry love, we were just trying to have a little fun.” He whispered kissing your ear.

“Gah! Harry! Your ruining it man!” Louis shouts covering his eyes. As you both embrace purposefully in front of his eyes.

“I forgive you. And you to Louis!” You say with a laughter. Of Course he was the mastermind behind all this.

Happy Halloween! Written by: Tev, hope you liked it:)

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Due to the hurricane I was without power for a couple of days and was unable to post imagines and preferences for that I am sorry. I will be posting again. Also one of our writers wrote a Halloween imagine which I will post now even though it’s a few days late. Again I am sorry and please enjoy these gifs of the boys in the Little Things music video to make up for it.


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Niall Imagine for Nicole

  As you were grabbing your coat and purse to run out the door to see your sister who was visiting, you turned around when you heard Niall call out to you, “Alright I’m leaving babe.”

  Niall reached to give you a kiss on the cheek but you put your hand up to stop him. 

  “What do you mean you’re leaving?” You questioned him raising your eyebrows.

  He chuckled. “I’m going to hang out with the lads. Why?”

  You sighed, looking into his eyes annoyed. “Niall you promised you’d watch the twins while I went to see my sister.” 

  “Oh sorry Nicole but she’ll want to see her neices right? Love you.” Niall ran out the door leaving you with no choice but to take the twins with you.

  After a very long day you finally arrived home. The entire time both children cried and screeched the whole time. You barely even carried on a full conversation before being interrupted by the small children. Right as you had just out both of them down for a nap, Niall came barging through the front door.

  “Oh look. You’re finally home.” You said sarcastically to him, crossing your arms.

  “And why are you in such a bad mood?” Niall asked to you, sitting down on the couch to watch the TV at the same time.

  You just sighed. There was no point in arguing with Niall now.

  About halfway through you making dinner, you finally started a conversation with him.

  “Don’t forget, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning so you’ll have to watch the kids.” You said casually to him from the kitchen.

  “Oh I forgot to tell you. Me and some lads are gonna go watch the match tomorrow. Sorry.” It took Niall awhile to realize that you were angry.

  “No Niall.” You said harshly walking in front of the TV. “I’m sick of this. You’re never home and I always have to watch the kids!” You screamed to him throwing your hands up in frustration.

  “What are you talking about I do too take care of them!” He retaliated to you.

  You finally broke down letting, tears fall. You didn’t quite know why you were crying now, but you were.

  “Nicole babe.” Niall comforted you as he walked over to hug you. “I’m sorry” He added. “You’re right. I guess I just haven’t been around as much I should be. And it’s not fair to you.” He rubbed small circles on your back gently.

Written by Macy, hope you liked it:)

  “I love you Niall.” You whispered into his shoulders.

  “Nicole please forgive me.” He said as he released you from the hug, still holding you.

  You playfully hit his shoulder. “Of course.”

  You both smiled before going to wake the children together for dinner. 

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Niall Imagine for Stephanie


               “Try it!” Niall said holding out food on a fork to you.

You had just gotten home from a long day’s work to a surprise of what seemed to be Irish delicacies laid out on the table. As far as you recalled, Niall was definitely not one to cook.

“What is it…?” You asked timidly.

“Steph, don’t you trust me?” He asked, his blue eyes widening, feigning hurt.

“I will if you tell me what it is first.” You reply stoutly.

“It’s Hunter’s Pie of course! Remember when I told you me gram used to make it for me?” He said happily.

“Yes, but what is it?” it looked strangely bland. Of course you weren’t one to shy away from new foods, that’s how you and Niall originally met, but… it was his cooking… and that’s a whole other level! What if you didn’t like it?

“It’s potato and meat and stew baked into a pie! Eat it! I promise you’ll love it!”He said confidently. You just nodded and opened your mouth, finally giving in.   

The savory meat melted on your mashed potato covered tongue as the flavors burst forth. Niall examined your expression looking for some kind of reaction and smiled when your eye widened in surprise as you finished.

“Niall! That was freaking amazing!” You say quickly grabbing a plate and piling it.

“Really?” He asked happily “I wanted to be sure so I let you taste it first!”

You stopped mid-scoop. “You gave me the first taste?” You ask turning on him.

“Well, yeah. What if I did a bad job?” He asked shrugging. You couldn’t help what happened next of course. Your plate just somehow magically flipped onto the top of Niall’s head as he stood there… covered.

“What if it was poisoned? It’s nice to know you love me too!” All of a sudden Niall grabbed you into a big bear hug, covering your back with the food on his chest and pulling you close.

“If it’s any consolation, I think I love you more than food.” He said kissing you softly and sweetly. As you were being distracted by his soft lips on yours there was a squash as the Hunter’s Pie became stuck in your hair, thus leading to one of the most epic Irish vs. American Food wars the country had ever seen.

Many casualties were taken with a very content puppy licking the ground. It was officially resolved through the Shower Treaty of 10 at night.

“I love you so much.” Niall whispered as he held your clean body to his own, both of you contently lying in each other’s arms.

“And I love you more than food.” You smiled.

  Written by Tev, hope you liked it:)

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Niall Imagine for Emily


               You looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t help puffing your cheeks out. Sometimes you hated the way you looked, but on the occasion you would catch yourself looking good.

“Em… we’re in public…” Your friend Liz said, head in hand. She was used to you messing about, and would almost always join.

“I’m sorry, I just look good!” You added with a wink.

“Can we go now? The perfume is giving me a headache and I really want to get my Louis bracelet at HotTopic before I change my mind, and waste all my money. You know how weird that store is?” Liz asked grabbing your wrist and dragging you into the noisy mall.

“I honestly don’t see the rush. You seem pretty dead-set about the purchase.” You say trying to slow her down. “Oh look! They have the puppies out at the Pet Shop!”

“Em!” Liz turns as you quickly slip out of her grab and head over.

The puppies were to die for, and if you didn’t have to be moving in a dorm soon for college you probably would have bought one then and there. You quickly stoop and pick up the nearest one, a St. Bernard puppy.

“Hello big guy!” You coo, snuggling your nose to his. Puppy starts to playfully snap at your long brown hair and you can’t help but laugh at his cuteness. From your peripheral view you see a hand extending out to reach for the dog.

“Sorry!” You say looking up into a pair of the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes.

“No problem.” He replied in a thick Irish accent. Giving away that he wasn’t a fake but the actually thing.

“Louis! This cat love’s me! Do you think Paul will let me get him?” A voice asked from across the shop. Harry.

“H-h-h-hi.” You stutter. From the corner of your eye you can see Liz slowly dying inside. “If you want to hold him you can!” you hold up the pup who is just hanging from your hands.

“I can’t do that!” Niall laughed. “You looked so cute with him.”

“Really? I think you would look cuter with him.” You blurted causing him to blush big time, you as well. “I’m sorry!” You say.

“No, it’s ok, you’re probably right.” Niall laughed gingerly taking the puppy away from you.

“Awh Niall! Too cute! And you don’t have a girlfriend because?” Louis asked walking over and taking a photo. “What’s your name love?”

“Emily!” You smile looking over to Liz and smirking. “And this….” You go over to her and drag her over there. “Is my best friend! Liz!” you try to not burst out laughing. She had a mixed expression of fan-girl mode and staying chill.

“Hello Liz! Fan are we?” Louis asked quickly grabbing her phone, “Well now we’ve officially met!” He winked and lent his face to hers taking a photo.

“Guys! We best be going otherwise the security team will catch up and there’s still so much to do!” Liam called out to them. They all quickly run out, leaving you and Liz quite flabbergasted, puppy in hand. Then Niall runs back in.

“I almost forgot. Here’s my number, text me sometime! And don’t share it online.” He winks and quickly pecks you on the cheek. “Maybe we’ll run into each other again.” And with that he leaves.

“OH MY GOD!” Liz finally lets loose.      

Written by Tev, hope you liked it:)

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Harry Imagine for Amy


  “Ok well Darcy’s finally asleep.” You told Harry as you walked into the bedroom. “Are you all packed?” 

  It was the night before Harry was leaving for almost an entire month for a ‘business trip’.

  “Yeah pretty much.” Harry plopped next to you on the mattress. “I just can’t believe I’m leaving not only you but Darcy too.” You saw his normally beaming eyes become washed over with sadness. You knew how much he hated leaving you alone and it pained you to see him upset.

  You snuggled further into his chest and just held each other until falling asleep.

  After what must’ve been an hour, you reached out to the other side of the bed expecting to find Harry with your hand. But you found nothing but an empty bed. 

  You sat up slowly looking at the clock, still half asleep. It’s only 11 pm, where did Harry run off to? You thought to yourself.

  You groggily walked around the house in attempt to find Harry, whispering Harry’s name out trying not to wake your daughter. You stopped when you saw Darcy’s door opened. 

  Peering inside, you saw Harry holding the baby in his arms. He was rocking her back and forth and you almost interrupted until you heard faint whispers.

  “Don’t worry baby girl. Daddy’s here.” You felt tears come to your eyes. “You know something? I love your mommy and you very much.” You just watched silently as Harry ever so gently reached to put her in her crib once again, kissing her tiny features.

  He watched her with a smile on his face. Slowly you walked up behind him to snake your arms around his waist and bury your face into the deepest crevices of his back.

  He turned you around for a proper enveloping hug. 

  “I never want to leave you Amy.” Harry whispered sweetly as he played with your hair.

  “I never want you to leave.” You replied   He stopped for a moment before planting small kissed on top of your head. 

written by Macy, hope you liked it:)

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